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For many years now, the Lemahieu Group has been a household name in the wood and boards import sector, with sites in Ghent, Ostend and Antwerp. For 5 generations Decolvenaere has been importing African wood and has offices in Ghent´s Seaport zone, as well as its own sawmills in Cameroon. Both have developed a solid reputation and attach great value to quality of the highest level. Therefore these wood importers combine their forces in LDCwood, a 50/50 joint venture that specialises in the thermal modification and marketing of wood.

This is a first for Belgium, and a breath of fresh air for its wood industry. For the first time two established wood importers are uniting their vision of quality & service. Lemahieu as importer of softwood and a specialist in wood processing, Decolvenaere as an importer of African timber.

LDCwood is Belgium´s first official ThermoWood® producer. As a member of the International ThermoWood Association, the company is embracing the future. LDCwood thermally modifies ayous, fraké, ash and pinewood, and will eventually also modify other types of wood.

Our vision

As the first official producer of ThermoWood® in Belgium, LDCwood aims to provide the Belgian market with high-quality thermally treated wood. Thanks to our own production we can build up sufficient stock and thus respond quickly to the demand of the customer. We want to be a loyal partner within the specialised wood-processing industry with an eye for quality and excellent customer service. This can only be achieved together with our team.

First, we thermally modify ayous, fraké and pinewood, in order to attain a higher degree of durability. This wood is processed in an environmentally friendly manner. In a later phase we will also be able to include several other types of wood in the ThermoWood® range. In order to meet all standards and earn the right to display the ThermoWood® trademark, we have also become a member of the International ThermoWood Association. Our products officially fall under this label – something we are very proud of.

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About Lemahieu

For years now, Lemahieu Group has been a household name in the wood and boards import section, with a production site in Ostend (planing, durabilisation, drying and other forms of processing). Lemahieu and Lempan have built up a solid reputation. They import more than 170,000 m3 of wood and boards per year and have sites in Ghent, Ostend and Antwerp.

About Decolvenaere

For 5 generations Decolvenaere has been importing African timber, with Daphné Decolvenaere as the present director. Their offices are located in Ghent´s Seaport zone. The daily presence of the Decolvenaere family in its own sawmills in Cameroon guarantees that the quality is maintained at the highest level.