fraké decking de15 - 26 x 140mm

Low maintenance, high quality

Terrace planks not only have to be resistant against various weather conditions and temperatures, they also have to be shock and impact-resistant. For ecological and economic reasons one can choose ThermoWood® instead of hardwood.

ThermoWood® terrace planks have a long service life, high form stability and are of very high quality. In addition, they are often cheaper than hardwood planks. The colour of the wood depends on the type of wood used (ayous, fraké or pinewood). ThermoWood® is highly resistant to moisture, mildew and bacteria and therefore ideal for this application. A good drainage and placement is strongly recommended in order to counter wear and tear and damage.

Through exposure to UV rays the ThermoWood® terrace planks can discolour somewhat over time. In order to slow down this process a good maintenance is recommended, and oils or varnishes can offer a solution. Just like for our facade cladding, the terrace also receives a durable and stylish look thanks to our ThermoWood® solutions.