Hoboken, Belgium

The mission of Heerenhuis is actually 'simple': 'We make tables. That's what we do.' Since their founding in 1978, they have become a permanent value in the furniture industry. Their collection is characterized by traditional designs, clean lines and natural forms.

Wood type: LDCwood® ThermoWood®  Fraké

Durability class: 2

From a preference for antique wooden furniture and natural materials, the designers very often choose wood. Besides the more traditional types of wood such as oak and birch, they were one of the pioneers to start working with LDCwood® ThermoWood® ayous and fraké.


The beautiful drawings and warm color of thermally modified ayous and fraké helped put Heerenhuis’s style on the map that characterizes Heerenhuis's designs. Always striving for high quality, the garden furniture also enjoys a long life thanks to its high durability class. Heerenhuis provides the finished tables in ThermoWood® with a manual finish with oil or varnish.

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