Villapark de Koog

De Koog, The Netherlands

Spring 2020 saw the opening a new holiday park, De Koog, within walking distance of the pleasant seaside resort De Koog, the Dunes of Texel National Park, and the beach.

Wood type: LDCwood® ThermoWood®  Ayous

Durability class: 1

Year: 2020

The design of the holiday villas was such that they fit beautifully into the rural setting, but still have a very contemporary appearance. Rotterdam architect Hans Moor collaborated on this project with Texel architect Ingmar Veeger.


Sustainability and contemporary architecture are central to the architects' approach. ThermoWood® ayous was used to decorate the façade and awnings of the large luxury villa with private swimming pool (the awnings were painted white).


ThermoWood® ayous from LDCwood has Durability Class I and is resistant to wood rot and insects. Moreover, the warm colours and beautiful patterns of long lines of ThermoWood® ayous make for a very sleek appearance in harmony with the architecture of the villa.


The ThermoWood® ayous was planed by Lemahieu Processing using the Para model.


Project Brief

Villapark De Koog is a new villa park on Texel. Villapark De Koog is within walking distance of the cozy seaside resort of De Koog, the National Park Dunes of Texel and the beach. With very luxurious villas for four to twelve people, this villa park is the perfect location for a high-level Texel vacation.


Thermo Ayous model para in combination with awnings also from thermo Ayous. The latter are painted white.