AG Campus

Brussels, Belgium

The project is a prime example of circular design and construction. Conceived with a mix of home and office working in mind, it requires less space and therefore allows a more compact design to be used.

Architect: EVR Architecten

Wood type: LDCwood® ThermoWood®  Pine

Durability class: 1

Year: 2022

With the construction of AG CAMPUS, AG INSURANCE is aiming to establish itself in a rapidly evolving market. This flagship project showcases AG Insurance as an innovative and customer-oriented company.


The new Campus is intended as an open and communicative space, inviting people to “live together” and “work together” in a spirit of openness and trust. The ground floor is completely open-plan. The existing extension was demolished and completely redesigned in terms of flexibility, daylight, relationship to the existing inner area, solar gains, space etc. A generously sized patio was also created between the existing office space and the new building. This modification provides plenty of daylight as well as creating and preserving space. The patio facilitates an intimate and changing indoor–outdoor relationship, serves as a terrace for the cafeteria and brings greenery close to the meeting rooms.


LDCwood® ThermoWood® pine is a perfect fit for this circular vision, while from an architectural perspective, the façade cladding enhances the natural character of the patio and green areas.


In order to achieve the required reaction to fire classification, the ThermoWood® pine was given a fire-retardant treatment with the 100% natural fire retardant Burnblock®. No post-treatment is needed as the wood retains its fire-retardant effect.