Residence Oasis

De Haan, Belgium

Large windows across the entire façade alternate with the warm colour of ThermoWood® ayous from LDCwood. In order to achieve the required reaction to fire classification, the ThermoWood® was given a fire-retardant treatment by Lemahieu Fire Protection® with Burnblock®.


Wood type: LDCwood® ThermoWood®  Ayous

Durability class: 1

Year: 2021

About the Oasis project

Oasis is characterised by its spacious, modern design and its luxurious appearance. Four storeys will be built on the corner of Jokstraat and Leopold II-laan. On the first and second floors, there will be two spacious 2-bedroom apartments with large balconies. The third floor will contain one very large 3-bedroom apartment, and there will be a penthouse on the fourth floor. Both will have a magnificent balcony. The finish is of a high quality and meets the latest standards in terms of insulation values and energy efficiency.


Fire-retardant ThermoWood® ayous is a 100% natural wood product. Both the ThermoWood® thermal modification process and the fire-retardant treatment are environmentally friendly and do not use any chemicals.