Maison Repos (MRS) La "Résidence des Oliviers"

Saint-Mard , Belgium

A southern look in “la petite Provence belge”

Architect: ETAU Architects

Wood type: LDCwood® ThermoWood®  Pine

Durability class: 1

Year: 2021

This new residential care centre in “La Petite Provence Belge” has been given the name “Résidence des Oliviers”. The white façade and ThermoWood® pine from LDCwood help to create a southern look.


For this project, we planed the ThermoWood® pine with the BODO profile.


In order to achieve the required reaction to fire classification, the ThermoWood® pine from LDCwood was given a fire-retardant treatment by Lemahieu Fire Protection®.


The fire-retardant treatment with Burnblock® is carried out under pressure in our autoclave. The fire retardant is 100% natural and biodegradable. The product is also Cradle-to-CradleTM Gold certified.


ThermoWood® from LDCwood® is the result of a 100% natural preservation process. LDCwood® only modifies wood from sustainably managed forests.


ETAU Architects on the project

The project involves the construction of a residential care centre on the site of the Edmond-Jacques clinic in Virton and the renovation of one of the clinic’s wings, replacing the Saint-Antoine nursing home. The two buildings were connected to provide easy access to both. The new wing is designed to be open to the surroundings and has a break in the middle to accentuate this opening, to accommodate the entrance, and to make room for balconies on the higher floors. The overall structure takes the shape of a star, creating a large space in the middle. This central area connects the living spaces, small units that are organised as households.