The birth of the LDCwood® Rhino by Andrea Minini

In the world of contemporary graphic design and illustration, Milanese artist Andrea Minini shines brightly like a star in the firmament. His unique style, characterized by minimalist lines and vibrant colors, has garnered worldwide admiration, and his work has found a wide range of applications, from magazines to major advertising campaigns.


Artistic development


Born in 1979, Andrea Minini pursued education at the Politecnico di Milano, graduating in 2004. He then began his career as a graphic designer, honing his skills in creating clear and powerful visual messages. However, it wasn't until 2014 that Minini reached a turning point.


One day, while experimenting with Adobe Illustrator, Minini discovered an unexpected possibility. Using the Blend tool, he managed to create complex animal figures with just a few lines. These early explorations laid the groundwork for his iconic 'Animals in Moiré' series, which quickly captured the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide.


fineline illustration glowing squids in dark waterEvolution of style and technique


Minini's style has evolved over the years, but one element remains constant: his pursuit of simplicity and expression. While his early works were often symmetrical and abstract, he later embraced more dynamic compositions, playing with different subjects and environments.


What truly makes Minini's work remarkable is his ability to create the illusion of depth with just two dimensions. By cleverly utilizing line density and color, he brings his illustrations to life in a way that is often surprising to the viewer.







A source of inspiration


Minini's influence extends far beyond the boundaries of his own artworks. His tutorials and workshops have inspired aspiring artists around the world to learn and apply his techniques. His approach to design as a means to simplify complexity has encouraged many to embark on their own creative journey.


sketch LDCwood rhino and birdThe story of the rhino and the bird


Within the branding of LDCwood®, Andrea Minini has created an iconic image: a rhino with a bird on its back. This image carries deep symbolism that perfectly aligns with the brand's philosophy.


The image of the rhino and the bird is inspired by the unique relationship between different species in nature.


Just as the bird on the back of the rhino, LDCwood® ThermoWood® provides protection and support to the natural environment. The rhino represents strength and stability, while the bird symbolizes alertness and vigilance.


Just like the symbiotic relationship between the rhino and the bird, LDCwood® strives for harmonious coexistence with nature. With their ThermoWood®, they offer a 100% natural and sustainable building material that respects the environment and provides protection against the elements.


A glimpse into the future


As Andrea Minini continues to grow and evolve as an artist, one thing is certain: his influence on the world of design and illustration will be felt for many years to come. His ability to capture the essence of a subject with just a few lines and colors is a true source of admiration and inspiration for many.


In a time when visual communication is becoming increasingly important, Andrea Minini remains an example of the power of simplicity and originality.


Our collaboration with Minini went exceptionally smoothly. We remain big fans and will undoubtedly collaborate again in the future.


Copyright pictures: © Andrea Minini collection andrea minini sensitive ecosystem

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