Fire station Bramier

Lauwe, Belgium

The fire station at Bramier site in Lauwe serves as the new base for the fire brigades of Lauwe and Marke, seamlessly integrating with the neighboring natural reserve.

Architect: Bureau DBG

Wood type: LDCwood® ThermoWood®  Fraké

Durability class: 2

Year: 2023

The Fluvia emergency zone wishes to erect a new fire station for the Lauwe and Marke fire brigades on the Bramier business park. The site assigned for the new fire station is located at the end of the business park and borders the adjacent nature reserve.


The combination of the black facade panels, the charred LDCwood® ThermoWood® fraké and the large glass sections give the building a unique appearance.


On the southern side, the facade completely borders the nature reserve. It was an explicit request to design this facade as a green facade.


The roof line of the building varies between 2 levels so that no monolith is created. The facades are made up of black pigmented board-formed concrete panels, finished with burned ThermoWood® slats. A subtle nod to firefighters.