ayous tr10 - 34 x 85mm
ayous tr20 - 34 x 170mm
ayous tr13 - 34 x 105mm
vuren/pin blw15 - 28 x 130mm
ayous bardage - 19 x 142mm

A sustainable solution

The function of facade cladding is to keep out (rain)water, with a sufficiently long service life and low maintenance costs. ThermoWood® is long-lasting, highly resistant to moisture and dimensionally stable, and therefore also ideal for use as facade cladding.

Facade cladding must withstand different weather conditions and sharp temperature variations. Precisely because ThermoWood® displays minimal deformation and absorbs virtually no moisture, it offers an ideal solution. Moreover, ThermoWood® is highly resistant to wood rot and insects, which also increases service life.

Thermo Ayous from LDCwood obtained the certification of durability class I in accordance with classification NEN-EN 350:2016. Exceeding a lifecycle of 25 years, this wood specie is perfectly suitable for outdoor applications, such as cladding and decking.

ThermoWood® facade cladding is elegant and stylish, and produces a warm look. LDCwood offers ThermoWood® facade cladding in various wood types, including ayous, fraké and pinewood. The heating process gives a beautiful, warm colour. ThermoWood® profiles are available in different dimensions.