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LDCwood is carbon neutral

In the wake of European climate objectives, we are investing in a sustainable future.

What is ThermoWood®? High-quality, long-lasting and affordable

ThermoWood® is the result of the thermal modification of wood to a higher durability class. Thermal modification is a controlled pyrolysis process where the wood is heated (± 208°) in a low-oxygen environment to increase the durability of the wood.

Our 3 production kilns.

Lemahieu and Decolvenaere find one another in LDCwood

Wood importers Lemahieu and Decolvenaere are joining forces in LDCwood, a 50/50 joint venture that specialises in the thermal modification and marketing of wood. For the first time, two established wood importers unite their vision of quality & service. Lemahieu as importer of softwood and a specialist in wood processing, Decolvenaere as an importer of African timber. LDCwood is the first official ThermoWood® producer in Belgium. As a member of the International ThermoWood Association, the company is embracing the future.

For us, quality is a matter of honor.

Mike Lemahieu

Thermo Ayous

Treated fire retardant B-s1,d0

Durability class I

Thermo Ayous LDCwood obtained the certification of durability class I in accordance with classification NEN-EN 350:2016. Exceeding a lifecycle of 25 years, this wood specie is perfectly suitable for outdoor applications, such as cladding and decking.

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